House M.D. Filmed in Koroneburg

April 24th, 2010

The Renaissance Faire in Corona, CA (Koroneburg) will begin May 8th. Come see the place where House M.D. episode “Knight Fall” was filmed. Our little neighborhood in Koroneburg was chosen to be the Renaissance Faire in that episode for good reason. It is the only permanent ren faire site in California. The buildings and site just get more beautiful every year, and of course, our area of the faire is the best.
Those of you who have experienced our Fairapy booth will notice that the top floor is missing along with the window that showed the noggin’ bonkin’ upstairs. They put a new roof on the Fairapy building though and it does look good. Dishes will still be broken inside.
The cookie cutter booth became a weaver’s shop and our next door neighbors, the Hedgehogs, had their building become the apothecary shop (where the hemlock was found).
We’ve all been going out there on weekends to get the site looking great for the upcoming faire. Come join us and see the actual film site including the arena where the knights were fighting. See for yourself why Koroneburg was chosen.