About Kaitlyn’s Kutters

The first Kaitlyn’s Kutters was made of leftovers from other booths.

Back in the early nineties, Vickie (Kaitlyn) Flanagan was working at the original Renaissance Faire which had moved from Agoura, CA to Devore, CA (just north of San Bernardino, CA.) It was there that a juggler named Ric (Weebul at Faire) met Kaitlyn and ended up getting married. It was also at this faire that Kaitlyn apprenticed to Ann Echegoyan of House on a Hill Cookie Cutters. The apprenticeship lasted three years during which time Ann told her that the student was surpassing the master.

The location of the faire has changed. In 1999 Kaitlyn’s Kutters moved to Corona, CA and built a little thatch roofed cottage. The first Kutter Kottage was made with castoff materials from other booths. It has since evolved and is covered with a vine called “snail vine”. The designs have evolved too and Dreamworks is now counted among the clients of Kaitlyn’s Kutters. Each cutter is bent by hand using small pliars. The tin-plated steel makes them sturdy cutting tools and because they are bent by hand, any shape can be made. Prices start at $3 and go up from there. They are based entirely on bends and blisters, the more complicated, the more it costs to make. Remember, these cutters are really bent by hand, not just produced on a “hand-cranked” machine like so many of the “hand crafted” cutters you may find.

The Kutter Kottage has definitely evolved. Shade has been grown and it’s just the most comfortable place to be at the Faire. This picture was taken in 2004. There is even more shade now.

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