This is Weebul (my Ric) at the Kutter Cottage.

We are at the village of Koroneburg this year for the last time (as far as we know). The renters did not come through for the cottage, so we are doing the faire one last time and putting the cottage and Fairapy up for sale. If you are in Southern California, we will be there every weekend through Father’s Day. Ric is only there on Saturdays and he’s doing great at that. The village just gets prettier every year, and the vines are coming back at the cottage.

Our place in Huntington Beach is also going up for sale. The latest plan is to move to the Arizona place in July. But, we’ve seen plans change before.

I am back to bending metal after an educational period of finding out everything I never wanted to know about liver disease, diabetes, herbs and vegan diets. I still cheat and have fish and eggs, but Ric is sticking to the strict vegan diet.

I lost a lot of emails in March and I’m catching up on a lot now. If you’ve put in a request, you’ll finally hear back. I just gave up for awhile. But, like I said, I’m back. The ebay store will be coming back too.

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