Still here

Hello all,
Well we’re still in California, until we sell this place. As John Lennon said, “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans”. In September, my doctor thought I’d had a stroke and an mri showed a little tumor. I thought I would have it removed in January, but life happens. My husband Ric (Weebul at Faire) ended up in the hospital January 2 throwing up blood. Besides bleeding ulcers, his liver was damaged and he is now diabetic. He went in the hospital a second time on the 19th and is home now. We’re trying to get his blood sugar (and ammonia) balanced. Meanwhile, I’ve been a care giver instead of a cookie cutter maker. He is doing better now and I’m going to try to get the kutters going again. Don’t give up, I’m still here. I’ll see the surgeon on the 17th and hopefully get rid of the tumor.

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