In California

I’m back in California. We’re trying to sell the Huntington Beach place – not the best time to be trying to sell. We’ve got Pirate Faire coming up in April. The 25-26 weekend is when Koroneburg becomes a pirate village and I like to make skulls and crossbones, pirate ships and, of course, lots of mermaids… It’s a fun time!

I’m getting together with my son to find out why I can’t seem to upload my pics to the web site. I’ve got some beautiful cookie pictures from Monrovia Bakery – you’ve just got to see them to believe them. The fairy was made with a new design of mine, a kneeling fairy. Then you don’t have to worry about legs breaking off.

The Cookie Cutter Collectors Club is getting ready for their big convention in California in 2010. I’m really excited about it. I missed the 2008 convention in Wisconsin last year and they only have them on even numbered years.

I’ll get back to you with lots of pics.

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